How do you shape first class talent, perfect world class services & custom craft authentic luxury guest experiences?

Many in your team may have received standard luxury service training however…

Standard industry service, butler service or any of these similar types of off-site training are all inadequate for developing luxury conscious service teams in a complex and demanding luxury services environment. Standard luxury services training fails in theses ways:

  • Standard training fails to understand your unique luxury position, vision and the values of your luxury services brand.
  • Fails to replicate your layout and understand the intricacies of your unique luxury services environment.
  • Fails to align your team, connect and unite your people across your departments, division and culture.
  • Fails to deliver relevant outcomes for front line, middle and your senior management combined.

To make a real difference what you needs is:

  • A flexible on-location program that is custom-fit to your exact needs and changing working schedule.
  • A targeted program that benefits your front line, your middle and your senior management.
  • Structured coaching that guides people towards personal and professional best practice.
  • Internal marketing support that helps people align with your luxury brand mission, your vision and values.

 I offer something uniquely different.


Intensive training with structured coaching and internal marketing support

  • If you are a luxury service professional looking to sharpen your skill set, build on your knowledge and expand your luxury insight?
  • If you are part of a team looking to perfect a set of world class services and craft a custom collection of authentic guest experience?
  • Or you may wish to refresh individual and team performance or fine tune your service operation prior to the season?
  • If you are a luxury service provider looking to raise luxury consciousness, shape first class talent and perfect world class services?

Ready to dive in?

My clients don’t settle for standard – they demand the very best; world class programs that delivers  exceptional and sustainable results. 

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