Luxury Charter Training

In today’s overcrowded luxury charter market you may be brilliant at what you do, but it’s likely a whole lot of other luxury service providers out there are doing virtually the same thing.

To be truly remembered for all the right reasons in today’s highly competitive luxury service environment you need to distinguish your luxury brand above and beyond the rest.

Course Overview

This 3 day professional development course covers 3 luxury units designed to shape first class talent, to showcase a set of world class luxury services and craft a collection of exceptional luxury guest experiences. 

Course Objectives:

Shape and showcase a high performance luxury service team:

  • Shape and showcase first class talent.
  • Perfect an exclusive set of world class luxury conscious services.
  • Craft a custom collection of authentic luxury guest experiences.

Luxury Units

This course covers 6 luxury units from the luxury services curriculum

Sustain a thriving luxury services career

With a focus on international careers, learn how to prepare and plan for a successful luxury services career. Learn more

Thrive in a luxury services environment

With a focus on the spirit of luxury service learn how to operate effectively in complex and demanding service environment. Learn more

Enhance luxury interpersonal skills

With a focus personal branding learn how to prepare, present and express your personal and professional best with confidence. Learn more

Shape a first class luxury services team

With a focus individual and team effectiveness learn how to perfect and perform with at best over extended periods of time. Learn more

Perfect a set of world class luxury services

With a focus on luxury guest needs learn how to shape, showcase and evaluate a set of exclusive world class luxury services. Learn more

Craft a collection of luxury guest experiences

With a focus on authentic learn how to enrich, enhance and evaluate a custom crafted luxury guest experience. learn more

Course Outcome

By the end of this professional development course participants will be able to:

  • Prepare and showcase a cast of first class luxury conscious talent.
  • Perfect and showcase a set of exclusive world class luxury services.
  • Craft a custom collection of exceptional luxury guest experiences.

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