Luxury Brand Training

A team of luxury conscious brand professionals are a sustainable luxury advantage providing management with a highly credible, highly proficient and responsive, highly valuable workforce.

Course Overview

This 1 day luxury foundation course covers 3 luxury units designed to enrich, inspire and empower people to think, to act, react and to interact with luxury consciousness.

Course Objectives

Translate the promise of world class luxury services into luxury consciousness:

  • Uncover and overcome unconscious barriers to authentic luxury services.
  • Align internal and external luxury brand elements across the luxury services environment.

Luxury Units

This course covers 3 luxury units from the luxury services curriculum:

Sustain a thriving luxury services career

With a focus on international careers, learn how to prepare and plan for a successful luxury services career. Learn more

Thrive in a luxury services environment

With a focus on the spirit of luxury service learn how to operate effectively in complex and demanding service environment. Learn more

Enhance luxury interpersonal skills

With a focus personal branding learn how to prepare, present and express your personal and professional best with confidence. Learn more

Course Outcome

At the end of this professional development course participants will be able to:

  • Define and present a vibrant and thriving luxury conscious career plan.
  • Operate effectively in a complex and demanding luxury conscious environment.

People need to radiate luxury consciousness, without it, they may not be able to translate your promise of world class luxury services into authentic luxury guest experiences.


For world class luxury services training

That helps people think, act and interact with luxury consciousness