My clients don’t settle for standard, they demand the very best. A flexible and relevant program that delivers effective and sustainable results that:

  • Enriches individuals with interpersonal, technical and functional skills, knowledge and insight to help thrive in a complex and demanding luxury service environment.
  • Inspires teams with the tools, the knowledge and the know how to help fine tune services, refine performances to enhance the luxury guest experience.
  • Empowers organizations with a highly credible, highly proficient and responsive, highly valuable luxury conscious workforce.

Custom-fit to exact needs & packed with relevant features

These value added features help deliver consistent quality outcomes across a range of service functions, interactions and performances. I ensure these features are relevant to your people, operation and environment.

At the heart of every program is a great story involving people. Before I start training I take time to find out what is important and valued to our clients, learners and guests.
A rich blend of English butler, luxury services marketing & guest experience management drawn from best practice luxury services, functions, performance and insight.

Helps clarify your luxury focus, helps connect your people to your brand plans and help people walk your luxury marketing talk.

A dynamic learner based approach designed to bring valuable life experience and learners knowledge into practice.

Structured around technical demonstrations and practice they provide an opportunity to refresh, refine or re-define luxury service skills in a supportive environment.

Considered a dress rehearsal for the main event, this collaboration of people, plans and procedures puts into practice all prior training and development activities.

Added to any program coaching reinforces the impact of training, helps people gain insights into own performance, helps strengthen skills and helps boost productivity.

Quality benchmarks and performance measures set across a range of luxury touch points help protect and maintain the integrity of the luxury brand experience.

Following an exclusive 6 step services marketing process

This proven process is your custom blueprint to shape first class talent, to perfect a set of world class luxury services and to craft a custom collection of authentic luxury guest experiences.

Preparing on-location ensures learners receive a rich, relevant learner focused experience.
Enrich, inspire and empower people to think, act, react and interact with luxury consciousness.
Refresh, refine or re define technical, functional and performance skills relevant to your luxury service environment.
Fine tune your luxury services across multiple service platforms to shape an set of world class luxury services.
Perform luxury services with guest experience ideals across multiple services platforms.
Safeguard your luxury brand experience with a set of guest experience ideals, quality benchmarks and performance measures throughout.
Experience delivering programs on-location for a range of luxury providers globally has helped me develop a robust capacity for customizing in response to individual resistance, internal conflict and urgent time frames.

Why Choose LUXSA ?

There are trainers who inspire, coaches who build great teams and marketers who make things sell. To shape first class talent, perfect world class luxury services and to craft authentic luxury guest experiences, you need all three working together seamlessly.

That’s exactly what you get when you choose LUXSA!